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About us - Luxury Fashion

Starting a fashion movement, in a country where everything about luxury fashion is super expensive is a bit hard. Trying to figure out a way to get dresed luxurious and with not much of a fus on spending limits, I digged around and tried to find simpler ways on every fashion detail.

The Evening Dress 

The big day of evening dress design and fashion trend, is the main issue of every girl and women. There can not be a perfect evening, casual dinner, or even PROM night without the one little luxurious trendy and perfect dress.

The great fashion design

When deciding to sew the unique dress you want, of course the fashion designer is the essential element of your new little creation :) So when choosing be wise!

Handmade Textile

Starting from the unique is always the good idea. Myself I enjoy on choosing the right textile for my dress and combining it with extra luxury details. The handmade work is always the best and completes your luxurious look. 2018 and 2019 trends are now revolutionary and changing dramatically from the past years.

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