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Perfect Spring Dress

3:15 PM 0

Every Tredy Model with this amazing textile fabric! It comes with 2 tunes sequins unique high quality 4,5 meters length and 120-130cm wide. ...

OMG New 2019 Styles?

10:10 AM 0

The hand made designs are unique and all in the required quality for any seller or any lady to wear. Into this post you will find the ve...

Flower flower everywhere

4:16 PM 0

The 3D has gone to its peak and this is the peak lace fabric, adorable color and adorable soft 3d flowers everywhere. Love it! Let's go...

Seriously Simple

4:14 PM 0

When on search for the simple dress, we found the above for you, see it carefully, find a reason to not wear this kind of design? ;) Seriou...

Wine Sequins and Mesh

4:12 PM 0

Wine Sequins and Mesh They say every women has a black dress, I would say, every women also has a red dress. This  wine one definitely will...

Soft Design - Love

3:58 PM 0

When loving tranquility the color into this lace makes you relax. Soft design Love  may be the next design model you may want to try.


1:44 AM 0

  Not quite sure what to wear in the event  you are invited for the next month? No idea found on Elle ? No good idea from your best ...

Gray Master

1:42 AM 0

Sometimes the glam is all in the heavy dress you wear? It is true, try and anticipate the Hollywood Red Carpet , even in some of the TrendH...

With the storm

1:40 AM 0

Worst weather? Sick? Or simply tired? It happens, and believe me it is the worst timing you need to participate in a wedding, casual evenin...

Simple Beauty

1:39 AM 0

 If you are after the simple then you are for Chanel :D As it says "Simplicity is the keynote of all true elegance" Coco Chanel...

Peach and Perfect

1:37 AM 0

Peach and Perfect . My next movie to see! Just kidding, is the textile I choose today for my own outfit. Very lucky to receive it fast and ...

Elegance and Lux

10:33 AM 0

More than a dream of the fashion trend of 2018, warm color and great design idea, you say why not to have it? Ok, let see what do you expec...

Graceful White

1:07 AM 0

Simple and 3D Bridal? Not your style! Do not get in, roll on other blog posts. This  Bridal Lace Graceful 2018  is a great one, but neither...

Soft Look, Feel

1:05 AM 0

Casual for every age, and more beautiful than the picture. Genuine work on the design, beads and flowers. The nuances of the colors used ma...

The new Lady Textile Wear

12:59 AM 0

Starting from the early 90s, the mid length dresses were adorable fashion trend. Depending on each individual taste, I must admit I never l...

Shine bright like a moon

12:41 AM 0

Here is the dress code for a glitter simplicity, and there is a cod actually into the image. I am representing the series of the production...

Elegance in essence

12:12 AM 0

Here are the colors  gold/black/grey embroidery lace fabric with sequins, guipure lace for wedding/party dress .  Elegance in bold, great s...

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